Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

Hi cooks, the next recipe i’m going to publish is one of the most typical spanish recipe ever. If you are thinking about spanish omelette, you are right.


  • Olive oil
  • Eggs(2 eggs/pearson, more if you are more hungry)
  • Potatoes(1/2 each commensal)
  • Onion(1/4 each commensal)optional, thera are people who doesn’t like this recipe with onion, personnally I prefer with it.


  1. Pour the olive oil on the pan and heat it up. When the oil is enough warm, put the onion if you want it on the omelette, if not, put the the diced potatoes untill it get enough fried.
  2. Break the egs into a recipient and shake it until the egg yolk gets mixed with the egg white. Pour a once of salt and a littel bit of pepper if you like it.
  3. Pour the eggs over the potatoes on the pan and introduce your spatula in order not letting it get sticked.
  4. When the first side is cooked flip the omelette with a dish help and put it on the pan by the other side.
  5. When the secon side gets cooked just put the omelette off the pan and enjoy it.

This is the recipe i like to cook, finally you can choose between letting the omelette undercooked or let it until full cooked.

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